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Post pandemic fitness routine: How the 6 Minute Workout buys you time

Post pandemic fitness routine: How the 6 Minute Workout buys you time

he pandemic has shown us that health and social relationships matter most. And the lockdown has changed the way we live (at least for a while) and the way we perceive time. When gyms closed and fitness classes were canceled, we had to figure out how to exercise at home. Turns out, 3-4 hours of sweat sessions every week shaking that bootie are not just unnecessary but have also been robbing our time. So did the daily commute. We learned that the popular workout routines varying from yoga, pilates, spinning, body pump, to body boost can be done from home. Alone these apps can get you the needed amount of physical and mental fitness. Except for the 6 Minute high intensity workout performed on our “time machine”. Time, because it literally buys you time and improves your quality of life.

The future of fitness: less is more

Let me ask you a question, how much time does it take you to get into the gym nearby or to your favorite yoga studio? If it used to take you 15 minutes to get to a fitness class and 15 to return, then doing it at home saves you 48 hours a year. That’s a romantic weekend getaway you kept on postponing because you have been too tired or “never had the time”. In 5 years, that would result in 10 days of vacation to your favorite destination.

Buy, what buys you time

So we’ve learned in the pandemic that what deserves our investment in terms of energy, time and money, are products or services that either extend time (more time, saving time) or enhance time. Ideally both, so we can enjoy what matters most: relationships with our loved ones and doing things we love. 

Remember when the Concorde successfully made the journey from JFK to Heathrow in just 2 hours, 52 minutes, and 59 seconds? That was in 1996. The plane covered 6,035km at a staggering speed of 2,010km/hr. On a regular flight today, you’d be traveling 7h. Imagine the time you saved traveling frequently! How would you spend it? Bad example for someone who sits at home office dreaming of traveling. Let’s get grounded.

Think of Netflix subscription: At 144 SFr a year, you'll pay Netflix 4320 SFr over the next 30 years to access cinema and avoid over a year's worth of ads. If you could pay 4320 SFr to extend your life by a year, would you?

What are other ways to save or enhance precious time?

Think of the time saving or time enhancement when using a pressure cooker (time saved), an eBike (time saved), a heated gear for skiing (time enhanced), AirPods (and skiing or jogging cable free!), fast track for boarding (time saved), or flower or grocery delivery (I know, you now think you’d rather buy from small local business owners than get a supermarket delivery but you’d be surprised to know that your farmer’s market stall has an e-commerce shop and the delivery of the happy cow steak or Mr. Brunch egg blend for your Sunday omelet is just a few clicks away). 

“The economic titans of the 20th century got you places faster (Ford, Boeing) or made your life more enjoyable (P&G, Prada). We've now gone gangster. Microsoft saves you years in efficiency (extend). LVMH allows you to enjoy the finest in life and increases your selection set of mates (enhance). Apple skimmed the foam off the top of the Microsoft beer, moving from tech to the luxury sector. Apple offered both faster transactions and an enhanced experience (for a 100% premium). iProducts just worked, made you feel better about yourself, and the global affluent willingly paid.” - Scott Galloway, the bestselling author, and well-known tech-industry pundit is a professor of marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business.

Scott Galloway suggests that the next breakthrough will happen in the healthcare industry. And whatever it will be, it will buy us time, give us years back, in the pursuit of health, or improve the quality of it. Not groundbreaking but some current examples would be vaccines, but also supplements, in-vitro fertilization, or stem cell therapy. These things extend or enhance time. 

And the breakthrough in the health and fitness industry?

Well, the AURUM One machine. It’s literally a “time machine” that lets you perform a 6 Minute Workout, during which you train at maximum intensity even if just to see those workout numbers go green on the screen. 

And now think of the waiting line for the bench press at the gym. Is it buying or is it robbing your time?

The 6 Minute Workout is one of those few experiences that will not only buy you the quality of life known as the 18 health effects of a high intensity workout but also time. By training just 6 Minutes once a week, you’re buying the week after the workout, meaning you do the minimum effective dose of strength training and you’re freeing up your schedule for quality time, productive time, fun time, rest time or whatever time you need in the following 7 days. All of which while your fat is burnt and muscles are growing.

Typical strength training or any HIIT class takes 45-60 minutes 2-3 times a week. If you trained 2x a week 1h long last year, then you spent 96h in a gym. Did that get you the result you want, for the time and energy you paid? 

If you did the 6 Minute Workout which is a high intensity workout, you spent 20 minutes once a week (6 minutes workout time plus rest in-between), thus a total of 16 hours last year. Francesco increased 96% strength and lost 6.8kg in the first 4 months, not to mention the time he bought by reducing his typical strength training workout from 2-3 hours a week to merely 6 minutes.

Here are a few wild ideas of what you can do with the 80 hours that you save when strength training at AURUM:

  • 3 days romantic getaway in Engadin (72h)
  • hike up to Rigi (2h) 40x times
  • cycle around the lake of Zurich (2h) 40x times
  • read additional 10x books á 250 pages
  • meditate 4800 minutes longer 
  • learn to make your own sauerkraut to perfection or even master the Italian cuisine
  • if none of the above excites you, sleep longer.

What are your lessons learnt form the pandemic and how will those change the way you manage your time?

If you found something that buys you time or enhances your time, make sure you pencil it into your agenda and plan to enjoy life more because that’s why we are here for.

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