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More fun and movement: alternatives to the gym in summer

More fun and movement: alternatives to the gym in summer

Why is activity important for AURUM training?

Every movement counts: If you want to stay fit and healthy for a long time, being a couch potato is not an option. Regular physical activity is one of the most important factors influencing our health. Exercise stimulates your cardiovascular system, activates your muscles, and has positive effects on your mental well-being. With each additional movement, you improve your overall fitness and burn calories, which helps you achieve your desired weight.

Many people particularly seek alternatives to the gym in the summer. Exercising outdoors is more enjoyable during the beautiful season than being in a stuffy fitness studio. Our solution: AURUM training, which is quick and effective, giving you the strength to engage in summer outdoor activities.

But how much exercise should you aim for, and how can you fit it into your daily routine? We've extensively addressed the first question in our article on the unbeatable Longevity Formula. The key message: 6 minutes of AURUM training + 4 training sessions of 45 minutes each with light physical activity. We want to show you how to incorporate these workouts into your summer routine with our 10 favorite activities:

Top 10 of our favorite summer outdoor activities that are alternatives to the gym

At first glance, four weekly sessions of light physical activity may seem like a lot. However, we're not talking about high-intensity training; we're talking about activities that you enjoy and that add movement to your daily life. Combine summer activities with meeting friends and being active together. Many activities can also be enjoyed with your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and others, combining family time with exercise. Some summer activities are also perfect highlights for vacations. Be adventurous and try out various outdoor activities. Besides our list, you'll discover many more options to stay active in summer.

1. Walk instead of stand

How much time do you spend on private phone conversations? Thanks to the invention of mobile phones, we're no longer tied to a cable indoors during these conversations. Take advantage of this time to take a short walk. You'll quickly find the ideal speed required for the Longevity Formula. It's perfect for chatting while still being able to breathe comfortably through your nose.

2. Swimming

Summer is swim time! And what's better than jumping into the cool water on a hot day? Swimming is not only refreshing but also a fantastic workout for your entire body. It trains your muscles, improves endurance, and promotes heart health. Additionally, the water provides a massaging effect on your muscles, which can contribute to recovery after AURUM training. Whether you're swimming in the sea, a lake, or a pool, these alternatives to the gym offer a refreshing way to cool off while providing an effective full-body workout.

3. Cycling

Summer is the perfect season to hop on a bike and explore nature. Whether you take a leisurely bike ride through the countryside or use your bike as an alternative to driving, cycling is a great way to stay fit. It primarily strengthens your leg muscles, improves endurance, and allows you to enjoy the freedom of fresh air and the beautiful surroundings. It's also an opportunity to soak up some Vitamin D.

4. Hiking

Head for the mountains. The warm season is ideal for putting on your hiking shoes and exploring nature. Few countries offer as many beautiful hiking trails as Switzerland. There's a great destination almost everywhere. It doesn't always have to be a mountain hike; there are trails with various difficulties and elevations suitable for everyone. Short hikes are perfect for after work, when the sun is not as intense. Hiking trains your endurance and leg muscles and is ideal for relaxation.

5. Beach Volleyball

If you prefer spending summer by the lake or at the pool, make sure to pack a volleyball in your beach bag. Play with friends or join a group at the beach and enjoy the sun and the game. Beach volleyball is a fantastic way to be active and fully embrace the summer. Other ball sports like soccer or basketball are popular alternatives as well. These summer activities not only improve your fitness but also enhance teamwork and coordination.

Our tip: Don't forget to apply sunscreen in time, as beach volleyball courts are often exposed to the sun. Learn more about summer and skin protection in our article: Healthy & beautiful skin – what does skin aging and UV rays have to do with AURUM?

6. Dance through the Summer

Salsa, Bachata, and more are perfect summer music genres. Many cities offer outdoor dance events where you can enjoy the summer vibes. Concerts, open-air stages, or garden parties are also great settings for dancing. Movement and fun naturally go hand in hand when it comes to dancing, making it a fantastic outdoor activity for good weather. It also improves your endurance, coordination, and mood.

7. Stand-Up Paddling

Stand-up paddling, or SUP, is currently trending, and for good reason. With stand-up paddling, you stand on a special board and move across the water using a paddle. The continuous paddling and balancing on the board work your upper body, abs, back, as well as the deep muscles of your core and legs. Additionally, it helps stabilize your knees and ankles. You'll get a tan and a good dose of vitamin D, and you'll burn calories too. We believe this little adventure on the water is worth it and a lot of fun.

8. Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a wonderful practice to connect your body and mind, and in summer, it's great to do it outdoors. During the morning or evening hours, you can surely find a peaceful spot in the park, at the beach, or in your garden to practice yoga in the open air. The fresh air, natural surroundings, and gentle rustling of leaves or the sea contribute to a relaxed and meditative atmosphere. Outdoor yoga improves flexibility, strengthens muscles, and helps reduce stress and find inner peace.

Our tip: For those who like something out of the ordinary, you can combine stand-up paddling and yoga. There are specific classes that offer SUP yoga. It's a fantastic idea for hot weather.

9. Kayaking

If you love water adventures, kayaking is perfect for you. Get in a kayak and explore rivers, lakes, or the sea. Paddling requires strength and endurance while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature around you. Whether you paddle alone or join a guided tour, this activity will surely captivate you and is an option for an active vacation.

10. Play Frisbee

If you find football alone in the park a bit boring, why not try playing frisbee? It's a fun and uncomplicated summer activity that everyone can enjoy. Throwing and catching the frisbee addsmovement to your day and brings joy and laughter. Playing frisbee improves your hand-eye coordination, promotes flexibility, and gets you moving without feeling like a strenuous workout. Another advantage is that frisbees can be folded, so they fit into any bag and require much less space than a ball.

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