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Fitness motivation in summer: making it easy to stay fit

Fitness motivation in summer: making it easy to stay fit

It's hot, you're already sweating without exercising, and you'd much rather enjoy the sun than work out. We understand completely if you find yourself in a little motivation slump during the summer and have to battle your inner couch potato. That's why we have prepared some motivational tips for you. You'll be surprised at how easy it can be.

Even bodybuilders like Moritz Dette understand your struggle

We recently welcomed a new team member at AURUM Headquarters: Moritz Dette, a successful bodybuilder and bodybuilding coach. We spoke to him about what excites him about AURUM training: “Getting the most out of your workout is what matters in both bodybuilding and AURUM.” AURUM's time-efficient workout helps maintain muscle, build strength, prevent osteoporosis, and improve overall fitness and health. In our conversation, Moritz also mentioned, “I completely understand if people want to spend minimal time in the gym but still get the maximum results from their training. A machine with adaptive resistance and personal training is ideal for this. That's where AURUM's high-intensity training comes into play.” We think this statement aligns perfectly with summer because, let's be honest, unless you're a professional athlete, you don't want to spend beautiful summer days in stuffy fitness studios.

How AURUM training supports your fitness goals in summer

During summer, we want to go to the lake, have barbecues with friends, or enjoy other outdoor activities, which means our strength training should be as short as necessary but as effective as possible. That's precisely what we aimed for with AURUM training. A workout lasts only 20 minutes from entering the studio to leaving. Everyone has that amount of time, even in summer. With your newfound energy, improved body awareness, and without any guilt, you can truly enjoy the sunny season.

And here's your great advantage: If you stay committed this summer, you'll establish fitness routines that will make it easier for you in the years to come. Additionally, you're actively doing something for your longevity, allowing you to enjoy summer at any age.

6 Tips for more motivation for AURUM training in summer

  1. Book your next appointment directly at the studio. Once the appointment is in your calendar, there are no more excuses, and chances are you won't cancel your strength training.Book AURUM Training
  2. Motivation through companionship: Exercising with a training partner is simply more fun. While AURUM coaches always motivate you, we understand if you want to bring someone along for that extra push. That's not a problem for us; we also offer partner training.
  3. Afterburn effect: After training, when you're in the recovery phase, your body continues to work. Energy utilization is improved for about 48 hours: First, the energy reserves in the muscles are replenished, and only then is the excess stored as fat. However, this effect only occurs if you train regularly. But once you've established a routine, you can make good use of it, for example, when planning a summer BBQ with plenty of delicious treats.
  4. Clarify your fitness goals: Having a specific goal in mind makes it much easier to stay motivated for exercise. Even small milestones can be helpful. Since we track everything at AURUM, from muscle mass to cellular health, you can easily check if you're achieving your intentions. That provides additional motivation. But most of the time, you'll notice on your own that the training is worth it. You'll quickly observe less pain and more toning in your body. That gives you a great feeling and motivates you even more.
  5. Feel comfortable while training: Knowing that a pleasant training atmosphere awaits you makes you much more inclined to exercise. At AURUM, we do our best to ensure that you don't feel like you're in a stuffy or overcrowded fitness studio, and you might even forget for a moment that it's all about intense training here. Besides the coach, you train alone, without curious glances from others. Safety is also an important factor when it comes to feeling comfortable. Moritz says, “One advantage of AURUM training is that it can be done without risk of injury, with a trainer present, meaning on-site personal training.”
  6. Challenge yourself: Do you love athletic competition? Then become your own opponent. At AURUM, through real-time visualization of your strength, you can directly see how well you're performing today and compare it with your performance from the previous training session.
    One of our customers perfectly captured this phenomenon:
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