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Stay hydrated: How much water do you drink a day?

Stay hydrated: How much water do you drink a day?

What and how much have you had to drink so far today? If you realize it's been too little, grab a glass of water quickly before you continue reading. Find out how many liters of water per day you should actually consume, how to adequately hydrate your body during hot weather, and why it's crucial for effective AURUM training.

How much water per day meets your needs?

Professional societies like the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommend drinking 1.5 liters of water per day. In addition, there is water from food, which amounts to a total of about 2 liters of fluid per day that the body needs. However, water requirements are individual and increase during hot weather and exercise, whenever you lose a significant amount of water through sweat. In high temperatures, an athlete can lose 4 to 10 liters of water and 3.5 to 7 grams of sodium per day. This extreme water loss highlights the additional water we need during high temperatures and physical activity. While most people won't need 4 liters, the amount of water you drink can easily increase to 2 liters or more during summer, especially if you're physically active.

By the way: Too much water is also possible. A condition called water intoxication can occur when several liters of water are consumed in a short period or when a large amount of sweat is compensated with low-sodium water.

Why is drinking important for the body?

An adult human body consists of about 50 to 65 percent water, and this is crucial because only fluid blood can distribute nutrients throughout the body. If we drink too little, the blood thickens, endangering the ideal supply to the cells. Insufficient fluid for muscle cells also leads to poorer function and makes muscle building more difficult since the necessary nutrients are delivered to the tissues at a slower pace. Furthermore, water shapes our body cells. You can imagine thirsty cells like a dried-out sponge; they can only fulfill their intended function to a limited extent. On the other hand, if you meet your fluid needs, the cells are plump and active. This makes the muscles appear fuller, and you'll notice this effect on the skin as well. In fact, sufficient hydration leads to healthier, more beautiful skin.

Here are more reasons why you should pay attention to your water intake:

  1. A healthy fluid balance is also necessary for detoxification of the body. Blood is filtered in the kidneys, waste products are dissolved in water, and then transported out of the body as urine.
  2. Drinking water also helps regulate water balance in the body. It may sound contradictory, but people who retain a lot of water in their bodies should drink more throughout the day.

    Watch the video for more tips on reducing water retention:
  1. Water aids in weight loss: Since water has no calories, it's an ideal thirst quencher when you're trying to lose weight.
  2. Fluids help fiber expand in the intestines. This is not only good for gut health but also makes you feel satiated without consuming many calories, making it ideal for maintaining a healthy body weight.
  3. When we sweat, we're not just losing water; our bodies are being cooled down. Drinking water helps with temperature regulation, especially in summer.
  4. If you meet your water needs with calcium-rich water, you're also directly benefiting your bone health.

How do you know if you haven't drunk enough?

  • Thirst
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Reduced performance
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Confusion
  • Decreased skin elasticity

How to meet your water needs for AURUM training

As you just learned, water is crucial for muscle building and you lose fluid during exercise. So, you should drink more when you're training. It's recommended to consume 0.5 to 1 liter a few hours before AURUM training and then have another glass of water right before the session.

We recommend water with plenty of minerals. For example, magnesium-rich water helps prevent muscle cramps. Calcium (more than 300 mg/l = calcium-rich) is important for strong bones, and combined with the high-intensity training of AURUM, it's excellent for preventing osteoporosis.

Egle explains in the video why drinking is so important during exercise:

5 Tips: Easy ways to stay hydrated in summer

During hot weather, it's especially important to drink to ensure your body stays hydrated because we lose more water than usual through sweating. Here are some tips to help you replenish the lost fluids easily:

1. Cooling down differently

Many people reach for cold drinks as temperatures rise. But did you know that they actually make you sweat more? This is because the liquid needs to be heated to body temperature. It may sound paradoxical, but warm drinks actually cool you down more. So, try opting for tea, water without ice cubes, or coffee as a way to cool down in hot weather. And yes, coffee counts as a fluid if you're accustomed to it.

2. Water in various forms

To add extra refreshment to your water, you can infuse it with basil, raspberries, ginger, or a splash of lime juice. Our favorite enhancers are lemon, cucumber, and mint. Find out why in the article: Aqua Power.

If you're not interested in adding "vegetables" to your water, you can explore the variety of flavored waters available in stores. You'll quickly realize that all waters are not the same and can taste quite different.

3. Drink right after waking up

The ideal length of sleep is about 8 hours. For your body, that means 8 hours without fluid intake. Therefore, the first thing you should do in the morning is drink. To make sure you don't forget, it's advisable to place a glass of water on your nightstand the evening before. If you also want to activate your metabolism, add lemon juice (but you can't prepare it in advance).

Learn more about restful sleep.

4. Water is your best friend in summer

Wherever you go, you should always carry a water bottle with you during hot temperatures. Even a small bottle is sufficient, and if you get thirstier, you can refill it almost anywhere.

A great trick is that if you have a full water bottle in your bag or backpack, you're more likely to drink it because nobody wants to carry unnecessary extra weight.

5. Eat water-rich foods

Whether we drink our 1.5 liters (or more) every day or partially obtain it through food, it doesn't matter to our bodies. In summer, water-rich foods are refreshing. Watermelon is a classic example, but cucumber, salads, radishes, celery sticks, buttermilk, and more contain a lot of water. Soups are also a good option for those who struggle to drink enough fluids.

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