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It's your time: tips for autumn

It's your time: tips for autumn

A week has 10,080 minutes. Subtracting work and sleep, you still have about 4,740 minutes, and only 6 minutes of that is taken up by your AURUM training. What will you do with the remaining time and energy?

8 Enjoyable ideas for this fall

Because we can and we have the time! Six minutes out of 10,080 give you the power to do exactly what you want. You can relax, enjoy the autumn atmosphere, and simply unwind. You don't have to constantly think about when to squeeze in the next workout because you've already laid the foundation for your health with AURUM.

Here are our tips for your autumn:

1. Hiking/Walking in colorful forests

Fortunately, autumn also offers some beautiful days to take advantage of. How about a short hike or an autumn walk? The colorful trees in the forest, the beautiful mountain landscapes, and the fresh autumn air will rejuvenate you. Plus, you'll eliminate lactic acid in the body that can occur during high-intensity training.

Learn in the blog post why walking isn't enough for your health and how to spice up your active vacation.

2. Enjoy chestnuts

This autumn nut is an ideal carb source for your workout. Carbohydrates before training provide you with the energy for higher performance and thus a better muscle stimulus. After training, they're good for replenishing glycogen stores. Carbohydrates from, for example, chestnuts, along with proteins, support muscle building.

3. Relaxation in the sauna

When it's cold and rainy outside, this is the perfect weather for the sauna. Find out in our blog post what muscle building and sauna have to do with each other: Read more.

4. Cooking evenings with autumn recipes

From pumpkin recipes to apple pie – the possibilities in autumn are endless and incredibly delicious. Invite friends and family and enjoy the culinary delights together.

Discover what's in autumn vegetable pumpkin in another blog article: Superfood: Is pumpkin healthy for muscles or more of a weight gainer?

5. Cozy reading hours

When it's really unpleasant outside, grab a warm cup of tea or coffee, snuggle up in a blanket, and immerse yourself in a good book to beat boredom. If you're interested in everything related to Longevity, we can also recommend one of our favorite podcasts by Dr. Huberman: Huberman Lab Podcast.

6. Indoor Padel or Squash

Do you love tennis? Then you probably know squash, played indoors in a squash court. But have you heard of Padel Tennis? It's a mix of tennis and squash. The court is smaller than in tennis and surrounded by a fence or cage that can be involved. We think autumn is a great opportunity to try out new activities and just have fun.

7. Go to the cinema or theater

A visit to the cinema or theater can lift your spirits when it's gray outside. You don't need to feel guilty about the lack of movement if you otherwise ensure enough balance. This could be, for example, the AURUM training.

8. Prepare for the ski season

After autumn comes winter, and with it, finally, the ski season. If you're already excited about it, then prepare with us for the season. AURUM training stabilizes your joints and gives you the necessary power. What else can you do? Subscribe to our newsletter because we have a whole post prepared that we'll share with you soon 😊 —> Subscribe to the newsletter and never miss out on information.

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