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More than just walking: Why strength training is essential for an active life

More than just walking: Why strength training is essential for an active life

We all know that walking, hiking, and cycling are excellent ways to stay active. But when do they reach their limits? In this blog post, we explore why it's worth giving strength training a chance, even when you're actively exploring during your vacation.

  1. Preserving muscle mass and strengthening bones:Intense strength training provides the necessary stimuli to maintain muscle mass and strengthen bones. Unfortunately, walking alone doesn't combat the rapid muscle loss that occurs with age, as it doesn't provide sufficient stimuli for muscle growth.
  2. Complementary activities:The entire body benefits when you combine strength training with moderate-paced activities like walking, hiking, or cycling (Learn more: Why cardio after strength training is beneficial). These activities serve as excellent complements to strength training.

Let's consider a use case: an active vacation. Engaging in activities like hiking during your vacation feels great. It feels even better when combined with strength training. Fortunately, AURUM only takes 20 minutes, enhancing your relaxation afterward. You can enjoy a walk in the fresh mountain air, visit the spa, or indulge in a wellness program.

AURUM: How it supports your health

By opting for an active vacation, you're already prioritizing your health. The fresh air and movement are excellent for your body and psyche. Activities like hiking and stand-up paddling are already steps in the right direction. With AURUM training, you elevate these positive effects for your body. But let's start from the beginning:

What is AURUM training?

AURUM Longevity means LIVING MORE – living longer and better. How do we achieve this? Through highly intensive training, taking only 1 minute per exercise. You'll gain strength, muscle, and bone mass, crucial factors for a long and healthy life. AURUM Training provides precisely the stimuli your body needs for muscle growth in a short period. More muscles mean not only more strength but also more health-promoting molecules called myokines. These have positive effects on the heart, bones, and reduce inflammation in the body.

What's great about AURUM is that you gain not only strength but also time, enabling you to do whatever you want, like admiring the beautiful mountain landscape ;)

A personal trainer will guide you through your AURUM Training. You'll learn to perform the 6 exercises correctly and can have all your questions about your body analysis, cellular health, and longevity answered by an expert.

Who is AURUM training suitable for?

In principle, any adult can train with AURUM. However, from experience, certain groups of people find our approach particularly beneficial. This is due to the time-efficient training, the guidance provided by personal trainers, and the visualization of training results.

Silver seniors – you're never too old

Strength is needed in every phase of life. However, as we age, we naturally lose muscle mass and, consequently, strength. Targeted muscle building ensures that you can stay fit and active even in old age. This new strength helps you in your daily life, making you independent of others' help. For example, carrying luggage for a vacation becomes much easier ;)

AURUM Training also positively impacts bone health, which naturally decreases with age. The high intensity during training creates stimuli in the bones for bone formation, making it an ideal osteoporosis prevention and even strengthening bones in case of existing osteoporosis.

But here's the problem: many people don't feel comfortable going to a gym alone in their later years or exercise cautiously due to the fear of getting injured. At AURUM, a personal trainer is always by your side to ensure you perform exercises correctly and have a safe, effective training session.

AURUM gives you the strength to enjoy life, regardless of your age. Hear how AURUM Training supports Heinz Maurer in this aspect:

Hotel guests – a perfect fit for you

Whether it's hiking or mountain biking in the mountains, skiing in winter, or water sports in summer – many AURUM customers love being active in their free time. Choosing such an active vacation means you're already doing something for your health. That's correct, but it can be even better: combine these activities with AURUM Training. Light cardio combined with strength training forms the ultimate Longevity Formula according to Dr. Peter Attia. Train intensely at AURUM and then have more time to be active outdoors – that's the formula for a long and healthy life. You enhance your body cell health, essential for a long life, and build strength needed for your everyday life.

We've noticed at our Davos location that guests who have visited once keep coming back. The mountain scenery, tranquility, and enchanting landscape seem to have a magnetic effect on these individuals. We completely understand because Davos has captivated us too. That's why we've opened a unique AURUM Studio in Davos, a center for sports and movement. Hotel guests are welcome here too. Use every vacation in Davos to enhance your health with AURUM. The training is so short that you don't lose any time during your active vacation. On the contrary, wellness and spa are at least twice as enjoyable when your muscles are pleasantly tired.

By the way, vacation and training can be perfectly combined at other locations too. We have 40+ studios in Switzerland and Germany, all in beautiful cities worth exploring. If you're enthusiastic about training during your vacation, simply keep coming back, and find a location near you for the meantime. And of course, vice versa: if you know AURUM from home, you can also train with us during your vacation, staying in your routine.

Spa guests – giving your all for your health

An active vacation involves being outdoors and breathing fresh air. Some of our locations are even in spa areas. A spa resort is always associated with health because people come here to recover and strengthen their bodies and minds. The air and the mountains, radiating relaxation, have a healing effect alone. By actively training, you can enhance this effect. AURUM allows you to build more muscles, releasing health-promoting molecules and hormones. These molecules reduce the risk of common diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and more. In plain language, AURUM Training ensures Longevity – a long and healthy life.

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