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Breaking bad habits: A not-to-do list

Breaking bad habits: A not-to-do list

Bad habits are like unwelcome guests in our lives. They're real time stealers, drain our energy, and often rob us of the opportunity to fully enjoy life. But don't worry, everyone does (unconsciously) things that should actually be on a not-to-do list. We've compiled such a list with bad habits that many of us have. Our not-to-do list is designed to help you rid yourself of these annoying habits. Sometimes, happiness and success simply mean letting go of what doesn't move us forward.

Constantly checking emails – Reclaim focus time

Imagine you're in the middle of an important task, and suddenly a notification pops up – your focus is gone in an instant. Especially at work, many people think they need to respond immediately to emails, but that's not the case. If something is genuinely urgent, your colleagues can call you; otherwise, it can wait for 2–3 hours or even a day. For greater productivity, we advise forming a new habit: Schedule 1–2 designated times during the day to check your emails, prioritize them, and then work through them. Avoid doing this right after waking up or before going to bed to have a clear mind for other activities.

Doing everything immediately – Set priorities for better time management

The art isn't in doing everything simultaneously, but in prioritizing your to-dos. Create a to-do list and arrange your tasks by urgency and importance. This way, you'll stay organized and can invest your time strategically. There's tremendous potential in breaking down tasks in this way. You'll be amazed at how much better your time management and your overall work will become when there's clear prioritization.

Spending a lot of time at the gym – Efficiency with HIT

While exercise and having a good muscle mass are important for your health, the traditional gym isn't always the best choice. Because 2–3 workouts per week, each lasting 60 minutes or more, are very time-consuming. That just doesn't fit into a busy day. High-Intensity Training (HIT) like AURUM Training provides an alternative for those who prefer time-efficient workouts. AURUM focuses on achieving maximum results in minimal time. This way, you can actively work toward your fitness goals without spending too much time at the gym. Discover a training that helps you achieve your fitness objectives within your packed schedule.

Always being available – Focus on the essential

Your phone has become your constant companion, but does that mean you need to be reachable at all times? No! Set clear boundaries and define times when you intentionally won't be available. Always being reachable is a habit that belongs on any not-to-do list. Your focus and calmness will thank you for it. When friends are visiting or you're out privately, you don't have to be available for work. Keep your smartphone in your pocket on silent mode or even in airplane mode. The same applies to vacations. Some phones also have the option of a focus phase during which only specific people can reach you.

Being there only for others – Time for self-care

Are you always giving everything to everyone? If this good habit sounds familiar, please keep in mind one thing: You're just as important! Self-care isn't egocentric; it's a necessity. So, consciously schedule time for yourself to recharge, reflect, and do things that bring you joy. Because only by doing so can you be there for others without sacrificing yourself.

Using social media upon waking up and before sleeping – Use your time wisely

Mornings are especially precious. Instead of wasting them on social media, use that time for activities that give you energy, like cold exposure. A useful tip for this not-to-do: Use an old-fashioned alarm clock instead of your smartphone; once you have your phone in your hand, it's easy to open Instagram and other apps and get lost in reels.

And social media in the evening? That also belongs on the not-to-do list, as the bright light can disrupt sleep. Instead, read a book, meditate, or listen to a podcast.

Letting others waste your time with idle chatter – Value-driven communication

Your time is precious. Of course, it's important to communicate with others, but don't let yourself be consumed by trivial talk. Gently steer conversations that hold no significance for you toward more exciting topics, and give your time to those who truly deserve it.

Trying every diet – Sustainable dietary changes and muscle building

Diets often promise quick results, but usually at the cost of your health and muscle mass. Instead of trying a new diet without success every year, focus on a balanced diet and combine it with targeted muscle building – that's how you'll achieve your long-term goals.

Reading suggestion: Why diets don't work and why you need a nutrition strategy. An interview with nutrition expert Nilan from betteryou

Driving short distances by car – Integrate movement into your routine

We often take the car out of habit and convenience, without considering alternatives. But especially for short distances, it's worth hopping on a bike or walking because it doesn't really take much more time. On the contrary, you gain not only movement but also fresh air and thoughts. This type of movement is a crucial part of the ultimate longevity formula.

Working and thinking in problem-oriented ways – Embrace challenges and act solution-oriented

Focusing on problems often keeps us from finding solutions. Strike the word "problem" from your vocabulary and view challenges as opportunities. You'll be surprised at how much your attitude and results will improve.

Our not-to-do list is a practical guide to get rid of bad habits and make room for positive growth and serenity. Remember that change takes time, so be patient with yourself. Start by choosing 1–2 not-to-dos you want to tackle. Once these are established after a few weeks, you can move on to the next points on the list.

By the way: You can expand your personal not-to-do list and tailor it to your specific bad habits. Things like smoking, constantly eating sweets, speaking with your mouth full, or shopping can be examples for your personal list.

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