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Pennbaker Protocol: Write yourself happy for a great start in 2024

Pennbaker Protocol: Write yourself happy for a great start in 2024

This post is different from our usual ones and certainly not what you might expect at the turn of the year. Today, no tips for New Year's resolutions, Veganuary, or Dry January. Instead, we're talking about the "Pennbaker Writing Protocol." It could be exactly what you need to untangle your thoughts and start 2024 with renewed energy.

What is the Pennbaker Protocol and how does it work?

The Pennbaker Protocol is your personal pathway to overcoming emotional hurdles and personal blockades. If, for instance, you struggle with the imposter syndrome, consistently doubting your own professional success, then the Pennbaker Protocol might be just right for you. It revolves around a simple concept: writing about a distressing topic for 15 minutes once a week, for a total of 4 weeks. This act of free writing can be remarkably therapeutic.

The writing process

Find a quiet spot and just start writing. It's not about perfection or grammar; it's about putting your thoughts unfiltered onto paper. Allow yourself to be honest because it's all about you and your thoughts.

Depth of expression

Focus on the emotions and thoughts that this particular topic triggers within you. Dive into the details, whether it's the feeling of doubt, the fear of the unknown, or the weight of failure. The deeper you delve into the topic, the more effective the writing can be.

Consistency and reflection

Repeat this writing process weekly for four weeks. It might seem challenging at first, but over time, you'll find it gets easier, and your thoughts become clearer. Afterwards, take a moment to reflect on how your thoughts or feelings might have changed.

Why does this protocol work?

The magic of the Pennbaker Protocol lies in the power of written words. It acts as a valve that allows you to express your innermost feelings and thoughts, providing a certain level of relief.

Psychological aspect

Psychologically, expressive writing offers a form of "mental ventilation." By putting your thoughts into writing, you give them a form outside your head, often making them seem less burdensome.


Through regular reflection on the topic, your perspective may gradually change. You might gain new insights or find that what seemed overwhelming at first gains a bit more clarity.

Neurobiological effects

Interestingly, neurobiological studies show that regular expressive writing can actually cause neurological changes associated with better emotional regulation and stress management.

Effects of writing according to Pennbaker

Both physical and mental health benefit from this method. Studies have described the following effects:

Physical health:

  • Fewer doctor visits and absences from work
  • Improved lung and liver function
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Strengthened immune system

Mental health:

  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Better social integration
  • Enhanced immune system
  • Improved memory performance

Starting the New Year with Pennbaker

Why are we introducing this writing protocol for a great start in 2024? Because we know that typical New Year's resolutions often fade away in everyday life. The Pennbaker Writing Protocol offers an effective alternative. And the best part? It only takes 1 hour – and costs nothing. So, what have you got to lose?

Just give it a try! For example, take 15 minutes every Sunday in January and write about a topic that has held you back. The results might surprise you and give you an amazing start to the new year.

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