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Christmas, the figure killer?! - 3 ways to enjoy it stress-free

Christmas, the figure killer?! - 3 ways to enjoy it stress-free

Imagine being able to enjoy Christmas without your diet melting away like a snowflake in the sun. Yes, really! From December 23rd to January 1st, that's a total of 10 days or 3% of the year. 3% of indulgence won't compromise your strength or body definition. We present to you 3 ways to sail through the festive season without an ounce of guilt. Note: This isn't about light recipes or tips for more movement; it's about your mental attitude.

Option 1: fully let go and indulge

Take a complete break from your diet and savor mulled wine, cookies, cake, and all without guilt. Even if the scale tips slightly post-Christmas, it will quickly normalize when you return to your usual diet and exercise routine post-holidays.⁣

And why can you relax and take a diet break? Because it's only 3 days out of 365 in a year or 3% of the year (December 23rd to January 1st). Even if you take the entire Advent season off from the diet, it's 4 out of 52 weeks in the year. As long as you consciously eat well and ensure sufficient exercise throughout the rest of the year, the Christmas season won't have a lasting impact. It's just too short, and the joy it brings is much too great.

We've already explained how your muscle mass helps during this time in another article: Increase energy expenditure and enjoy cookies guilt-free

Option 2: stay strict and loyal

No one is forcing you to take a break from your diet. If sticking to your usual diet truly makes you happy, go for it!

To find out how you can snack on cookies while on a diet, check this out: 6-Minute sugar-free nutty cookie recipe

Before you decide to stick to your diet during Christmas, ask yourself: Will I be happy with my salad while the rest of the family indulges in roast? If your answer is yes, stick to your diet. If it's no, then the 3rd suggestion might be right for you.

Option 3: find the golden middle ground

You can maintain your goals yet allow moments to relax and enjoy the festivities. After all, your mental health and well-being are just as important!⁣

How might this look in practice? Start your holiday with a light breakfast—maybe eggs, avocado, and a slice of bread. During coffee and cake time, allow yourself just one extra treat that you genuinely enjoy. At the festive dinner, forget about the calories and relish the flavors. Seriously, this small exception won't affect your weight, but it will positively impact your health—your mental health. Eating together brings people closer and can genuinely bring us some peace and happiness. And if you manage to fit in an AURUM Training session in the meantime, well, you're absolutely fantastic. I mean, what's better than muscle training, Panettone, and family & friends? C’est la vie!

Our Conclusion: Do what makes you happy! 🎅🎄✅ And remember, one extra cookie won't harm you. We wish you a relaxing holiday season and look forward to welcoming you to your AURUM Studio in January—preparations are already underway 😊

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