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Michi: "How I lost 25 kilos with just one workout and healthy eating while maintaining my weekly feast"

Michi: "How I lost 25 kilos with just one workout and healthy eating while maintaining my weekly feast"

Every Tuesday for the past 12 months, Michi Berlinka, 50, rings the bell at 13:10 sharp at Löwenstrasse 53a, AURUM Fit Studio in Zurich. "If someone had told me that I would name a fitness subscription as the best investment under 4000 Swiss francs, I would have thought the person was crazy. After all, I played handball and soccer for over 20 years. Unfortunately, I had suffered a knee injury, developed a great liking for everything that is unhealthy, and weighed 130 kg thanks to a lack of self-discipline. Today I'm the crazy one, already looking forward on Monday to the fitness appointment on Tuesday!" Michi has become 73% stronger and 25 kg of fat lighter.

Before / After: Not only 25 kg of fat lighter but also healthier, Michi, 50, family person, project manager, former handball player and bon vivant, Michi feels today better than ever before.

AURUM: Michi, according to your workout data and 3D body analysis, you've gotten 73% stronger, 25 kg of fat lighter. How do these figures feel like in everyday life?

Michi Berlinka: All the clothes are just way too big for me, on the bike I have more strength now and I only get praise that I have lost so much weight. I feel much better. Of course I'm very proud of my minus 25 kg, but I'm even more proud of the fact that I've been able to keep the weight down so far.

What prevented you from reaching your goals earlier?

I have tried to lose weight multiple times in the past, but it always experienced the yo-yo effect. My problem was that I was enormously fond of everything that is unhealthy. I also lacked self-discipline.

Due to the extreme decrease in visceral fat - the fat that lies between organs - and the reduction in body volume around the waist, Michi's Body Shape Rating has increased from 17 to 51. This shows a significant increase in cardiovascular health. The lower the fat percentage, the lower the risk of diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, peripheral arterial disease, coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

What gives you confidence that you will succeed in the long run this time?

Since I have changed my old eating habits and built new ones, I believe I will succeed in the long run. Every now and then I still have a craving for something sweet or unhealthy. For that, I now have a certain day of the week when I don't have to watch what I eat. Therefore, I no longer have binge eating attacks. That is very liberating!

Many people want this liberation from constant thinking "Mmm, what else can I eat" and suffering from weight problems. What exactly did you change about your approach?

I was working out hard at AURUM, having small successes, but the weight wouldn't come off and I was depressed. My AURUM coach Oli recommended that I discuss my eating habits with Dr. Torsten Albers. Using blood analysis and body measurements, Dr. Albers showed me exactly what I was doing wrong - especially with my diet. He said from the beginning "Change your eating habits and keep working out and you'll see what happens." Yes, a lot happened: Minus 25 kg and my blood values changed from bad to good!

You played handball and soccer for over 20 years and the thought of working out in a gym was alien. What convinced you to try strength training at AURUM?

Alex, a friend of mine, told me about AURUM and suggested, "Work out for 20 minutes once a week and everything will change." So I thought, why not trying it? And since I also heard that Oli Zimmerli, the sports performance coach, is also an AURUM coach, I said to myself, I have to try it. The idea of training only once a week in 1:1 sessions with the coach and getting great results was appealing to me.

Your body score has steadily increased over the last 12 months from 15 to 51, your waist circumference has shrunk by almost 14 cm, which is an indicator of reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and your posture has improved tremendously.

And I no longer have hunger pangs!

When you look back, what was the most important realization?

Believing in yourself and that a lot is possible with training at AURUM and dietary adjustments. Actually, I would never have believed that I could go to the gym only once a week and still get great results.

What would you recommend to someone with the same goal?

They should do the same as I did: work out once a week and change their diet based on their individual needs. It all starts in the mind and with self-discipline.

Have you set a new goal for yourself?

Yes, I want to achieve better strength results every week at AURUM and, above all, stay healthy!

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