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Vitaparcours: Exercise strength, endurance, flexibility and agility outdoors

Vitaparcours: Exercise strength, endurance, flexibility and agility outdoors

This article has been automatically translated from German. While our little team is working hard to provide you the best quality and resources, our multilingual capacity is still limited. Don't judge us by the Google translation please and head over to the original version in German instead.   

Who still knows the good old Vitaparcours ? At least the boys who once had to do military service. The old arena paved with obstacles. Yes, fighting at AURUM on the machines is ongoing, but only again from April 19, 2020. Until you can scream, breathe and swear again for a minute - off to the forest!

But what do you get from doing such a "circle" in the forest 1-2 times a week?

  • It's an alternating pool: you sweat between strength, flexibility and endurance
  • It helps to activate all different facets of your body
  • Obstacles strengthen the balance
  • Exercises interrupt the process and the body learns to react and act faster
  • Pulling and pushing, for example with pull-ups or push-ups, also improve the inner small muscle groups that you also have with AURUM when rowing, chesting, pulling down or overhead, with your body weight. Warning: This poses a risk of injury
  • Squats free and or jumping jacks or just jumps replace the leg press. Of course, you cannot use it to train your maximum strength and endurance completely as with AURUM, but it will keep you busy until we start again
  • And you jog up and down through nature and the rhythm change also activates the whole cardiovascular system. Like in interval training.

You like the concept of the Vitaparcours but you live in the middle of the city?

Find a bench and do these exercises: 15 repetitions, 3-4 sets

No. 1 knee high crunches
The classic for your six-pack.

Starting position
Starting position
End position
End position

No. 2 Mountain Climber
The Mountain Climber is not only perfect for shaping your abdominal muscles. You also train your endurance and also the shoulder, buttocks and leg muscles.

Mountain Climber
Mountain Climber

No. 3 dips on the bench
This form of dips particularly strains the triceps muscles. The chest muscles and the anterior part of the deltoid muscle are also involved.

Dip's starting position
Dip's starting position
Dip end position
Dip end position

No. 4 push-ups at the bank
Push-ups use several muscle groups. If you tense large muscle groups at the same time, your heart has to work harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to the muscle tissue. This leads to an effective cardiovascular exercise that supports heart health and promotes the reduction of stored body fat.

Push-up Startposition
Push-up Start position
Push-up Endposition
Push-up End position

Too cold, too wet?

The right clothes and the right breathing are important. There is a washing machine for clothes drenched in mud and rain.

Now for breathing: The cold constricts our bronchi. To protect the lungs as much as possible, the following general rule of thumb applies: inhale deeply through the nose, exhale through the mouth. As a result, the inhaled air is moistened by our nasal mucous membrane and warmed up over a longer distance to the lungs. Of course, this rule cannot be followed for every unit, but thinking about this tip in a quiet minute is extremely easy on your lungs.

PS: P.S. Our ancestors had at most bows and arrows and some leather under their feet. Let's go! Go on a search for traces and enjoy spending some time outside!

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