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Top 15 tips: Choose only 2-3 favorites and optimize your body in the short and long term

Top 15 tips: Choose only 2-3 favorites and optimize your body in the short and long term

This article has been automatically translated from German. While our little team is working hard to provide you the best quality and resources, our multilingual capacity is still limited. Don't judge us by the Google translation please and head over to the original version in German instead.   

These 15 little tips will help you to optimize your hormonal balance individually. This leads to a better functioning metabolism in the short and long term. My current favorite tip is # 13: Strike. Stroll. Shiver ! In the long term, it not only helps your body metabolize fat and build up your bone and muscle density, but also in the rejuvenation process of your cells (autophagy). As the? Simple and quick explanation:

If your hormones work properly, you stop inflammatory processes from defective cells that lead to diseases in the long term.

What can I do to optimize my body not only in the short term, but also in the long term?

1. Fasting

In fact, a one-time fast of 24 hours has a very strong impact on our cell regeneration. Especially after the 16th hour, cell renewal is extremely stimulated.

2. Less sugar, less alcohol

Every sugary snack increases your insulin level. With an increased insulin level, the body is unable to burn fat. A long-term high insulin level also promotes inflammation and degenerative diseases.

Learn more about this and more about fat burning and hormones in general in our Friday Lunch Briefing: This Friday, April 24th, at 12:00 .

As long as your body has to process alcohol, it does not touch any other resources. Your metabolism is virtually at a standstill - in addition, the alcohol also triggers the release of insulin, the stress hormone cortisol and the hunger hormone ghrelin.

3. AURUM or short HIIT in a fasting state

Increases the metabolic activity of your body because it has to provide energy as quickly as possible. Try these velo sprints or running sprints .

4. More movement

In the (home) office a short walk through the office every few hours or a few squats, jumping jacks or knee lever runs on the spot. The point here is not to exhaust the muscles, but only to set a small positive stimulus for the metabolism. This increases your daily turnover without stressing the body too much.

Also great before meals!

5. More vegetables, more spices

Vegetables and spices contain many important vitamins and minerals that are essential for our metabolism. Veggies also fill the stomach. A feeling of fullness arises because receptors in our stomach signal the brain: "the stomach is full". Also prevents snack attacks!

6. Fiber from green lettuce, vegetables, sweet potato, yams and nuts

Dietary fiber also has a positive effect on the feeling of hunger by influencing the hunger hormone ghrelin. The body has an increased energy expenditure when digesting a fiber-rich diet, which leads to a better balance between energy consumption and energy consumption.

7. Avoid cortisol and stress

How should I avoid stress? Think positive! Too much stress and too little sleep lead to too much cortisol in the body. As with insulin, the body cannot metabolize fat with a high cortisol level. And here, too, a long-term increase in cortisol is bad because it causes chronic inflammation.

8. Adequate sleep

Listens to the lunch briefing on sleep: Friday, May 1st at 12:00. Simply register for the AURUM newsletter and receive the link to the webinar.

In short: try to sleep 8 hours regularly to give the body the opportunity to regenerate. Physiological and mental recovery and adaptation mostly take place during sleep.

9. Less meals and smaller time slots in which to eat

Fewer meals mean fewer “insulin peaks” throughout the day. In other words, many small meals do not allow the body to permanently lower the insulin level, as this takes about 90 minutes to get back to the initial state.

10. Less training / overtraining

Less training for those who do hard training almost every day and feel like they are not moving forward. What the body needs is regeneration - getting out of the catabolic / inflammatory state into an anabolic / anabolic state. Again, the body can only build up in an anabolic state. 1 to 2 times a week a high stimulus for your body through HIT training and otherwise only movement in the low intensity range.

11. Less “medium intensity cardio training”

Medium intensity training (145 heartbeats per minute and more) over long periods (30 min +) unfortunately reduces a lot of muscle mass. Because the goal of the body is to somehow provide the required energy and therefore unfortunately it inevitably also uses muscle mass. But don't worry, we love the Runners high every now and then! But you shouldn't do it every day. Rather highly intense and short. And then nice and relaxed for a few days. Let's say under 130 heartbeats per minute. Why is this a tip to optimize your body for fat burning in the short and long term? Not only the building of muscle mass but also the avoidance of the reduction should be important to us in order to guarantee a higher long-term basal metabolism.

12. Bring variation into training

The body has the greatest success in terms of muscular and cardiovascular adaptation when it has to do something new. At AURUM, this is the increasing intensity with increasing strength.

With your additional training, you are welcome to vary between running, cycling, swimming, boxing, etc. Because the more experienced you are in something, the more routine and therefore energy-saving your body works.

13. Strike. Stroll, Shiver (my current favorite tip!)

Ben Greenfield, a well-known performance coach and biohacker, swears by this quick and easy-to-implement tip to cheer up your metabolism in the morning.

Strike : Do not grab something edible in the morning, but instead drink a tea or coffee. To boost your metabolism, you should have your morning drink without milk, cream, oils or sugar. A little bit of apple cider vinegar or cinnamon in the drink further increases the effect on your metabolism.

Stroll: Then you can do exercises with your own body weight for a few minutes (Tobias likes to do jumping jacks or jump rope). Carrying out the exercises, while still fasting, enables the body to access the fat reserves.

Shiver : A cold shower afterwards ensures cold thermogenesis. As already mentioned, it increases blood circulation, consumes energy AND another cool effect: it converts the white visceral fat on the belly into brown fat, which is then used to generate energy.

14. Avoid poisons and chemicals

Toxins and chemicals can seriously disrupt our hormonal balance. Try to buy little food packaged in plastic, wash off food to get rid of pesticides and eat regional, unprocessed products if possible.

15. Allergies and intolerances

Omit foods that you experience negative side effects. The fewer inflammatory processes that result from eating, the better your body can concentrate on important metabolic processes.

And what are your 2-3 favorites that you would like to try out soon?

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