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Coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil - a quick start to a productive day

Coffee with grass-fed butter and MCT oil - a quick start to a productive day

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At AURUM we drink the so-called Bulletproof Coffee, a creamy latte that consists of high-quality coffee, pasture butter and high-quality MCT oil. MCT is an oil that consists of medium-chain triglycerides and is obtained from coconut oil. Although coconut oil also contains many medium-chain fatty acids, the majority of these fatty acids are the so-called "lauric acid." In a high-quality MCT oil such as Rocket C8 MCT which is made 100% of coconuts, however, only caprylic and capric acids are found, which are metabolized faster by the body and give an extra boost.

Two basic effects of butter coffee (Bulletproof Coffee)

On the one hand, it increases performance by increasing attention and concentration. On the other hand, it supports the body's endurance. The AURUM team often replaces breakfast with coffee, which also helps to avoid carbohydrates in the morning. By avoiding carbohydrates in the morning, you force your body to burn fat. Bulletproof coffee quickly provides stable energy without affecting the blood sugar level and keeps you full for a few hours. We do not use milk, because the butter is enough to give the coffee a fine, smooth taste and light color; In addition, the butter contains less lactose. Simply prepare coffee, blend in a piece of willow butter and a spoonful of MCT oil. Enjoy!

Coffee and fasting

Many Bulletproof Coffee drinkers use the coffee to facilitate the fasting phase of so-called intermittent fasting, because the combination of coffee and butter does not interrupt the fasting! The fats, especially the MCT oil, serve as an energy source for the body and the brain. With a ketogenic diet, you can lose weight without starving. The ability to concentrate, attention and perseverance are supported.

Talk to us the next time you come to AURUM, we will be happy to tell you more, and if you are brave you will also get a freshly brewed butter coffee to try!

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